Open Letter to Jupiter Force

Since I am banned I had to post something here to voice my concerns

The ban you gave me was harsh. I received a permaban right off the bat. I agree with the 90 day ban sounds fair I was being a douchebag. But in my defense I received so many PMs and e-mails out of the forums telling me that they all agreed with me and that I was the only one with the balls to say so. I say a good majority of your fleet has talked to me agreeing with me on Bridger. You should really think about that one for a second. If most of your members told me they agree with me and yet are afraid to voice their opinion on your forums or to your officer corp there is something really really wrong. I will not out the people who contacted me I am no snitch and I can see why they would be afraid to voice their opinion. You throw the banhammer around like it is nothing. Having to police people to the point where they are afraid is bad leadership.

Why would you police so hard to keep your members in fear? Over at LM we have no drama or police people. You may think we do but we do not. We have no issues with our members over here. We have no ranks there is no petty bickering and we play games just to have fun. We may have a argument but the fire is put out fast and we move on like nothing happened. Now you guys post in A honest critique of Jupiter Force from the founders thread they you have no drama over there till we showed up. Now I know for a fact that isn’t true. You scared off some quality people and they have joined us and they told us everything. From the stupid backstabbing people do and the arguments you have everyday. And from that thread I can see you guys have internal power struggles. Again ranks just makes people power hungry and you can see that in your officer core. Deleting, moving and editing someones posts shows the abuse of that power. The youtube video Sate of the guild also shows the petty bickering and bashing of pervious officers. That is childish and just uncalled for. You have new officers move on don’t trash talk or put down others. Again braking rule #1 and it just shows how incompetent and childish you are.

Why do we care? most of us have been in jupiter force for a long long time. And most are founding members who started JF. We aren’t talking about Jeremy and Chris here. They are the big parts of it but it wasn’t them alone. We care about how you guys are just running yourselves in to the ground. And most didn’t leave JF they just became slightly inactive and your assumptions thinking they quit or left is absurd. You guys have it in your mindset that if they join Loss-Management that they are outcasts and needed to be dropped from JF.

The #1 rule which was started by the founding members has been broken multiple times by your own members in the A honest critique of Jupiter Force from the founders thread. We never started off with name calling and out right being rude. Your members started that off. Again you started the drama when there wasn’t any need for it.

As for the 14 year old girl. Not once did any of the members put her down. There is something wrong with you guys if you accept a 14 year old girl in to your fleet. Though I am on the side it could be a guy but not one of us has put her down. There was a 18+ rule out there and I have no idea why you are ignoring that for a girl. I am pretty sure you would ignore the app if it was a boy.

we post on your forums just to lighten the mood and you guys are so uptight you take everything so serious. so my advice to you. Get rid of the ranks there is no need for them. Play games have fun and get over yourselves. Having power in a forums means nothing it is pointless and just takes fun out of everything.

So as I can see in the A honest critique of Jupiter Force from the founders thread you are the ones who are calling names first and breaking your own rules. Get over it life is to short to have a stick in your ass.

Thank you